As of Tuesday night, police issued an arrest warrant for 51-year-old Stewart Mettz regarding the death of San Marcos Police Officer Kenneth Copeland.

Meanwhile, grim new details have emerged about the suspect who took the life of Officer Copeland. Mettz is accused of physical assault and causing bodily injury to his wife and his mother-in-law.

The women call him an aggressor, and were reportedly scared of him.

Mettz's mother-in-law told police that he recently became angry with her because she was in his room and that he grabbed her by the shirt and neck, pulling her from the room.

She said she had pain and scratches. She said that Mettz told her, "You better not file charges or you know what will happen."

She told police that she believes he would have harmed her or killed her if she did seek charges.

Mettz and his wife have been married for seven years. His wife told detectives that her husband assaulted her because they got into a fight over the ownership of their dogs. According to the documents, she said that she became physical with Mettz because he reportedly grabbed her around the neck and pushed her to the ground.

The two women told police that they never reported any incidents because they were scared of Mettz, who is still in an Austin hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.