Lonnie Janszen lives off Old Corpus Christi Highway in Southeast San Antonio. She says her cows were attacked a few nights ago by her neighbor's pack of dogs.

“You can't even go out and work your land, you can't feed your animals, you're being held hostage by these vicious animals… and who's going to be next? Is it going to be a person that they get?” Janszen said.

She's not the only one fed up with the dogs.

Just Monday night, another attack on another neighbor's horse left the animal severely injured.

“Last year in August, they came and killed his donkey and all of his sheep,” Janszen said.

Juan Esparza said the dogs killed several of his chicken as well.

“I'm afraid that one of these days they are going to attack a human being.”

Neighbors who have seen the dogs say they are Pitbulls and Pitbull-lab mixes.

Animal Care Services says they have gone out to the property and have cited the dog owners because the dogs were free of restraint, not up to date on their vaccines, and not microchipped.

We went to the dog owner's home, but no one came out to answer our questions.

Shannon Sims, a spokesperson for ACS says neighbors must file a Dangerous/Aggressive Dog Affidavit before they can continue their investigation.

“If we get that affidavit… what we are seeking is that the owner surrenders those animals, or that they are kept under aggressive restraint,” Sims said.

Sims has a reminder for all pet owners.

“If your dog gets off your property and damages somebody else's animal or god forbid attacks, somebody, having a dangerous aggressive dog as deemed by the courts is very expensive and labor intensive, it's a whole lot easier to keep your animal on your property.”