MESQUITE -- Police in Mesquite revealed what witnesses thought may be an abduction was just a prank by two young girls.

Authorities reached out to the public after witnesses said they saw the girls with an older man in a truck wave and yell out they were with a stranger while at a rest area on the north side of the City Lake Park.

However, a tip led them to the young girls, who they said were with their grandfather.

"He had taken the children to the park while waiting to pick up another grandchild," read a statement from Mesquite police. "When the man entered his truck, the children yelled 'stranger danger' as a joke. The children were never in any danger and they are currently with their mother."

Police said they released the information "out of an abundance of caution."

"Based on the circumstances investigators believe that the situation could simply be a case of children being mischievous," read the statement from police Friday. "However, out of an abundance of caution, Investigators want to locate the truck and speak to the occupants to ensure the safety of the children."