The 7.1-magnitude earthquake that rocked Mexico City on Tuesday has claimed the lives of at least 149 people as of Tuesday night. And that number is likely to rise.

Damage is widespread in Mexico City where several buildings collapsed, roads closed, and cellular communication has been difficult.

Many are keeping victims in their thoughts and prayers, including President Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott as efforts are already underway to rescue people from the rubble and clear areas devastated by the quake.

Ana Velasco, who lives near the Texas-Mexico border, has been trying to get in touch with her family since early Tuesday afternoon. She says that she had the same problem two weeks ago when another strong earthquake shook parts of south and central Mexico.

She wasn’t able to reach her family until the following morning.

Members of the KENS 5 Border Bureau also had trouble connecting with friends and family in Mexico. To hear from loved ones, text messaging seemed to be the most reliable medium.

Those who were able to connect uploaded images of the effects of the quake that brought down buildings, interrupted businesses, and caused panic throughout the nation.

Velasco felt that panic all the way in Texas, not knowing exactly what her family is currently going through. The only news that she’s getting is what’s spreading on social media like a video of Xochimilco, a popular tourist destination about 30 minutes from her home.

For the water to be waving the way it did, she says, it shows how strong the earthquake was felt there. It’s something that she’s never seen before.

Central Mexico is known for earthquakes but few have been as strong as the ones felt in the last two weeks. Coincidentally, Tuesday marked the 32nd anniversary of one of Mexico City’s deadliest earthquakes, one that took a while for the country to recover from.