PLANO, Texas -- On Thursday more than a hundred family and friends gathered at a park in McKinney to honor Darryl Hawkins. Hawkins was one of the eight people tragically killed Sunday in Plano at a football watch party.

Police say Spencer Hight, an ex-husband of the host, was the gunman responsible for the shooting.

"You honor those victims by moving forward in a positive manner, honoring who they were as people," said Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere.

The mayor got a call from the city manager late Sunday night. He told WFAA that he instantly knew something was likely not right if he was getting a call that late and from the city manager.

"Never in my mind did I think it was the news I heard," he said.

Police finished up its investigation on Thursday, the end of a nearly four day investigation. WFAA asked the mayor, where does Plano go from here? He said the focus first needs to first be on the victims and their families.

"Sunday was an anomaly. This could have happened anywhere, and unfortunately it happened in our city," he said.

He says Plano is still the safest city in America with a population over 250,000, but also says there's work to be done in areas of mental health locally, state-wide, and nationally.

LaRosiliere ended by crediting the Plano officer who shot the gunman dead. "Had he not gotten there that quickly and not exercised good judgement, the carnage would have been much worse," LaRosiliere said.