A man who was recently fired from a North Texas car dealership just days after an uncomfortable line of questioning from his boss about his Islamic faith has filed a lawsuit against his former employer.

In the lawsuit, the former employee claims he was “repeatedly subjected to disparate treatment” due to his race and religion at Huffines Hyundai in Plano.

“Constant harassment … created a severely hostile work environment for him ultimately resulting in his termination from the employment based on pre-textual and made up charges,” the suit reads.

The man claims in the suit that a sales manager at Huffines Hyundai in Plano tried on many occasions to engage in conversations “about religion and Islamic militancy” against his wishes.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, references a specific encounter following a church service in May of last year.

During a service the man attended on a National Day of Prayer with the sales manager and the dealership’s general manager, a speaker mentioned attacks performed by ISIS and labeled Muslim’s “evil,” according to the lawsuit.

“After the service concluded, [the employee told the speaker] he was a Muslim, present in the crowd and that not all Muslims condone the violence perpetrated in the name of religion Islam,” the suit reads.

Two superiors allegedly questioned the employee about his conversation with the speaker the following day at work, and he did not engage in a conversation. He reported the exchange to the human resources department at the dealership.

The man was fired days later “under the pretext of wrong information given to him about mileage on a car,” the lawsuit reads.

The suit requests damages for “mental anguish, humiliation, loss of privacy, loss of reputation and emotional distress” caused by the alleged disparagement.