Stricter anti-bullying and cyber bullying laws could be coming to Texas as lawmakers meet at the Texas State Capitol Monday to introduce "David's Law."

Among other things, the bill seeks to make it a misdemeanor to cyber bully anyone under the age of 18. Named after David Molak -- a San Antonio teen who killed himself after months of torment -- the law would also require school districts to include cyber bullying in their bullying policies and develop a system to anonymously report bullying.

The law would give school districts the tools to investigate off-campus threats if they relate to the school environment as well as give them more power to reprimand the offender.

This law would also give law enforcement more power to investigate anonymous threats and would offer extra counseling for the victim and rehabilitation for the offender.

Molak's family has discussed the importance of talking to your children about this issue.

"A lot of times kids don't wear bruises on their bodies, they wear them inside," said Cliff Molak, David's brother. "And I think it's really important for parents to stay as connected as possible to their kids."

Molak's family said they were stunned to see such hate-filled messages directed toward their son. And David isn't the only one.

State Senator Jose Menendez had been in contact with other victims of bullying since he heard about the Molaks.

Menendez and another lawmaker introduced David's Law Monday at 1 p.m. Watch here: