Two weeks ago, 31-year-old Cody Quincy May lost his life in Lake Travis. Now, we're learning more about him and the family he leaves behind.

Kimberly May says she met her husband through an online Christian group and they instantly connected.

"He was a great thinker," May said. "He was a philosophy major at Princeton so he loved truth and he loved logic."

In 2007, the two got married. May said they are pro-life and right away they knew they wanted to adopt.

"It was just a passion of my husband's and mine to be able to reach out to fight for orphans," May said.

Over the past five years, they brought seven children into their family. One of the children they adopted from Connecticut, two from the Democratic Republic of Congo and three from Ethiopia.

"They're all a blessing," May said. "They all come from hard backgrounds and a lot of them have special needs."

The needs of the children is one of the main reasons why Cody left his job as a software engineer and moved his family from Connecticut to Austin.

In Austin, he was hoping to find a new job, care for his kids and create a good balance between work and home life.

"We had just been house searching and living on the lake in the meantime, just trying to get set up to start looking for jobs," May said.

Just two weeks after moving to Austin, Cody drowned in Drapers Cove in Lake Travis.

Witnesses said his children were playing on a raft in the water near the shoreline and he began walking to them when he fell into deep water.

"Where he went into the water, it's level and then there's a cliff and it drops off probably 20 feet," Lago Vista Resident Judy Avery said.

"People don't realize how dangerous it can be," Lago Vista Resident Mike Denehy said. "You think you can just walk out at the beach as far as you want to go, but no, there are a lot of drops offs. He was probably walking out and he thought he was safe and just one step he went over the edge."

May is still trying to process what happened.

"This is extremely hard on so many different levels," May said.

On top of the loss of her husband, May said Cody didn't have life insurance and with seven kids, money is tight.
She's relying on her faith to keep her going.

A YouCaring website has been set up for her family.