KILLEEN, Texas -- Killeen Police are trying to obtain arrest warrants for at least six suspects who they claim fabricated a story about a kidnapped toddler.

Channel 6 News previously reported on Jamal Powell, 3, who police said was kidnapped from a home on Golden Gate Drive in Killeen. On Tuesday night, police confirmed the child never existed.

"The reporting parties fabricated the identity of Jamal Powell in an attempt to get a faster response from local law enforcement," said Killeen Police Spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez.

Miramontez did not immediately respond to a request for clarification, but based on earlier reporting, it appears she was referring to getting a faster response to a stolen vehicle that was later recovered in Dallas.

Police said they were working on arrest warrants for at least six initial subjects, but more arrest warrants are possible.

Several law enforcement agencies wasted numerous hours trying to find the fake child.

Killeen Police issued the following statement on Tuesday:

The Killeen Police Department would like to thank the following agencies and organizations that contributed to this investigation; U.S. Marshals Service, Marion County District Attorney’s Office, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Marion County Records Department, Indiana Department of Child Services, Dallas Police Department, Lewisville Police Department, Bell County District Attorney’s Office, Bell County Probation Office, Bell County C.S.C.D., and Channel 6 News. This list is not all inclusive due to the fact that other agencies assisted the agencies within this list.

The two names police provided at the time of the initial story, Lanae Hoskins and James Harris, have been cleared of all charges.