A nationally certified internal affairs investigator is examining the work of Pflugerville police Lieutenant Laura Wilkes, for a reason, the city said they can't specify at this time.

According to a city spokesperson, the investigation began last week after they received information in mid-September.

Currently, the Pflugerville police department is also under investigation after it was discovered money was disappearing from their evidence room.

However, the city said the investigation into Wilkes is not related to that incident. They also added it would be inappropriate at this time to address the cause for the investigation into Wilkes.

“Due to my desires to do a timely, thorough and fair investigation, the city of Pflugerville has hired an independent, nationally-certified internal affairs investigator supervised by the city attorney’s office,” city manager Brandon Wade said. “Because of information regarding a Lieutenant, I determined we needed an outside individual to conduct this investigation.”

Wilkes has worked with the Pflugerville Police Department for the past 24 years, and her brother-in-law, Daryl Wilkes, is also a lieutenant within the department. He is not being investigated.

The city said Wilkes will not be placed on leave during the investigation.