There's a new plan for how officials will handle the possible deportation of suspects, who also have pending Travis County felony cases.

From now on, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, will notify prosecutors both when they arrest a person for being here illegally, as well as, right before they are deported.The decision comes after a closed-door meeting this week between District Attorney Margaret Moore and Daniel Bible, the agent in charge of San Antonio-Austin region of ICE.

After a controversial policy, put in place by Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, posed to limit the sheriff's office's cooperation with ICE, District Attorney Moore said some prosecutors expressed concerns.

Moore told KVUE and the Austin-American Statesman exclusively that some defendants with criminal cases were getting kicked out of the country even before prosecutors had a chance to bring them to justice.

"I think the people of Travis County prefer that we are able to pursue our felony cases to conviction or to another resolution and then have ICE do what they need to do," Moore said.

She also added that it's important for community safety that criminals are held accountable, and that it's crucial for crime victims to see justice served in their cases.