SAN ANTONIO - Hundreds from across Texas rallied at the San Antonio Federal Courthouse on Monday in protest of Senate Bill 4.

People chanted, sang and rejected SB4. Many said the bill is inhumane, and they will not back down until the law is overturned.

SB 4 bans “sanctuary cities” that serve as safe-havens for those without American citizenship. The bill also allows law enforcement agencies to ask you about your immigration status during a traffic stop.

"I feel strong," Sophia Gonzalez, 12, said. "My grandmas and grandpas, my sisters, tios and tias - they are all from Mexico."

Sophia said she was proud of her heritage and held a cardboard butterfly to pay tribute to her grandmother.

"It's a sign of freedom and independence," she said. "[Butterflies] migrate from Mexico to America and all over the world."

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Jose Luis Gonzalez wears a symbol on his back, a piece of cloth integrating Mexico and American flags. "(The flag) defends me," he said. "I am a human being. I was born in Mexico and raised here."

Gonzalez said SB4 is racist, and he teaches his children to be proud of their Mexican roots.

"We need to keep fighting for justice for our people," he said.

One woman, who didn't want to give her name, traveled from Dallas. She said she represented the community and the Catholic faith.

"A lot of these politicians claim to be Catholic," she said. "We share the same faith. This message is that we are all brothers and sisters, whether we have documents or not."

Many who participated in the rally said they want justice and to be treated like human beings.

"Together, we can make this a beautiful world," Sophia said.