As the sun set on the sixteenth day since Sherin Mathews was last seen, hundreds gathered to process the news together.

"A lot of people are in shock and anger and frustrated," says vigil organizer Omair Siddiqi.

For weeks now, complete strangers have been dropping off gifts for the missing three-year-old at the spot behind her house where her father told police he last saw her Saturday Oct. 7 at 3 a.m.

It wasn't far from their Richardson home where a child's body was discovered Sunday, in a culvert under a road.

"We all have scrapes on our legs and have been up in ankle-mud waters. We’ve all looked. And she was so close. So close," says Kimberly Maple, who's been searching for the little girl who was adopted from India.

The medical examiner hasn't yet identified the body, but many in this community fear it is Sherin.

Kimberly Maple and Gauthami Vemula didn't know Sherin, and didn't even know each other, until they came together for this little girl.

"I think the community needs to heal, but more than anything, she needs to be at peace," Vemula says. "And she needs to know how much we all loved her."

But with so many questions unanswered, that peace has not yet come.