EL PASO — For some families it had been 10, even 20, years since they’d last shared an embrace with loved ones.

But on Saturday morning, hundreds of families finally had their chance.

Along the Rio Grande in El Paso, with the approval of authorities in Mexico and the United States, they had four short minutes together.Family members from Mexico were dressed in white t-shirts, while those from the United States wore blue. It was an event called Hugs Not Walls, organized by the Border Network for Human Rights.

Organizers said families came from all across the United States and Mexico for the chance. Many of those from the United States are undocumented and cannot return to Mexico to visit.

It’s the third time the Border Network for Human Rights has organized the event, but they fear it may not be able to continue under the new administration. They seek to reunite families and call attention to the new U.S. immigration policy.

“We need to be better. That’s what Hugs Not Walls is calling for,” said Robert Heyman, a policy director for BNHR.