SAN ANTONIO -- It's not every day a movie opens with San Antonio’s skyline, but everything about the supernatural thriller “Dead Awake” screams San Antonio.

This includes the film’s producer, Ashley Wellberg.

As a female behind the scenes, Wellberg already stands out. She’s also blazing trails as a San Antonio movie maker.

She filmed the horror flick in her hometown last August and recently struck a deal to bring “Dead Awake” to the box office.

“We started filming in August,” said Wellberg. “It’s ready to go. We have our distribution deal.”

The film will debut at the San Antonio Film Festival this weekend.

It took a village to make it including local businesses that helped fund the production. One of them was cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby.

“I was part of the executive producing a class of 2016 to fund,” he said. “It was a joy to see how this was run.”

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Last week City Council approved the most generous film incentives in Texas to help draw more production here. San Antonio has already enjoyed roughly $50 million in economic impact from film in the past three years.

Wellberg convinced local radio deejay, Billy Madison, to go from behind the mike to in front of the camera to star in the film.

Madison said “Dead Awake” will be a magnet for San Antonio as a movie market, especially with the film’s A-list writer.

“Obviously the writer who created “Final Destination” is an A-list Hollywood writer,” said Madison. “I think the success of this movie will bring other actors and movie makers to want to film here.”

If you can't make it this weekend to the premiere, Wellberg said “Dead Awake” is expected to come to a theater near you sometime in 2017.

You can watch the full trailer of the movie and learn more about “Dead Awake” at