It's just not the same for the Lujan's without their Santa Claus statue. They've had it for 17 long years and it has embraced their front yard each December.

"Unfortunately this year he passed away," said Ed Lujan.

Lujan is talking about the life-size Santa he says he purchased for $200.

"Now I see an empty person," he said.

He says vandals took the head off his Santa. By the look of the plastic neck, it appears it was violently snapped off.

"The violence is just unimaginable," said one neighbor.

Lujan, a detective with Dallas Police, filed a report with Lewisville Police. The Department is investigating the incident.

A spokesman confirms to News 8 that there were two incidents that may have occurred at the home on two separate days: December 25 and 26.

"As soon as I ran outside, I didn't see no eggs, and that's when I thought it might just be my imagination," Lujan said the very early morning hours to bb or pellet gun fire.

Lujan has more than 20 years in law enforcement. Last year, he broke nearly every bone in his body after being run over by a suspect.

The road to recovery has been a long one.

"After you go through something that I went through, you find out how valuable life and family is," he said.

It's his first Christmas back home, and it's why the sign he made below Santa makes sense. It reads: "Whoever did this, We still believe in Christmas."

Lujan says he is still believing, despite everything. He tells us his Santa has been stolen, the arm broken, and egged on. Ed knows that Santa will finally have to be replaced.

"People like this can't get us down," said a neighbor.

Headless Santa is a symbol that we aren't easily broken.

"We still believe in Christmas, and we always will," said Lujan.

Lewisville Police says if you have any information related to the incident you are urged to call the police department.