AUSTIN, Texas -- During his campaign, President Donald Trump pledged to protect gun owners but despite that, it looks like sales are on the decline.

GTX Guns in Georgetown has seen a slump in sales since last November.

Owner Brandan Schultz says President Trump's victory reduced the demand for weapons that his shop saw during the Obama administration, adding, "We've had eight years of a very good salesman in office."

During the Obama administration, many of Schultz' customers feared proposed policies such as a federal ban on assault weapons and tighter background checks would restrict gun ownership.

"That fear is gone," Schultz said. "With Trump, we're gonna have a strong second amendment supporter so the fear is no longer there."

Decreased interest in guns seems to be a trend both nationwide and in Texas, according to FBI statistics.

The number of firearms background checks the agency did in the Lone Star State in December, January and February is down more than 25 percent from the same time period the year before.

But it turns out customers of at least one Austin shop are bucking that trend.

"They're more concerned about what's gonna happen now that President Trump is in office," said Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works. He says more traditionally liberal groups like African-Americans and members of the LGBTQ community are currently increasing sales at his shop.

"They're actually concerned about the person that's in office and also who's the Attorney General. So they're concerned about 'Hey, I should get a gun and learn how to fire this gun and higher profits are not the only benefit,'" Cargill explained. "We can actually get more inventory. When there's something a customer wants we can actually get that firearm. Then, a few years ago it was hard it was a free-for-all. So I actually like it like this."