BEXAR COUNTY, Texas -- It's an incredible video KENS 5 first highlighted on Monday. A kayaker on a local lake said that stray bullets must have been flying around him as you can hear bullets ricochet off something.

While authorities can't confirm where the bullets came from, there is a gun range just off the lake and KENS 5 toured the range on Tuesday.

The range is called Nimrod Rifle Club and backs up to Braunig Lake. Owner Joe Hodge said that from one of the main ranges where people shoot, it’s about 900 yards to the edge of the lake. He said it’s possible that stray bullets could go over the berm and toward the water, but he doesn’t think it’s likely to happen.

Carlos Marquez was the avid kayaker and fisherman who recorded the video Saturday morning when he was fishing in a spot popular to other kayakers and boaters. He shared the video and his story to warn others.

He’s aware of the gun range, but admits there's no telling if the bullets came from there, or somewhere else.

“We’re a rifle range, so naturally they're going to say were doing it over here,” Hodge said.

Hodge noted that this most recent incident is the third complaint he's received in about seven years. He said there were about 20 people at the range shooting guns when the video was recorded, but doubts any shots went over the berms and toward the water.

“I can't say they came from here. I don't think they came from here,” Hodge said.

Hodge added that he sometimes will hear gun fire from neighboring land owners and thinks that could be a source of the problem.

“I think we're safer than most of the public firing ranges you go to right now,” Hodge noted.

Hodge said that he will keep reminding members to make sure their bullets never go over the berm. He also said that they will raise the berms, or back stops, up over time as they naturally go down.