GRAPEVINE, Texas -- The city of Grapevine has called for a public hearing on a proposed bridge to connect two portions of Heritage Avenue.

The Heritage Bridge Connectivity project is part of the 2017 bond proposal. The $8.1 million project would include a bridge that runs right through a walking and biking trail near Heritage Avenue and Spring Hill Drive.

Pippa Robe is among the residents who oppose the bridge. She calls the trail an oasis.

"I understand that people would like to have the road going through, because it would add another major route, but it's at the expense of our neighborhood," Robe said.

Residents who oppose the plan have also started a Facebook page and online petition.

According to the proposal, the bridge would impact response times for two area fire stations, which currently show they can respond in 4 minutes.

With the bridge, travel times could be cut down to two and half minutes in some areas.

Additionally, drivers going from one neighborhood to the next, could save about five minutes and get quicker access to nearby schools.

It's little consolation to residents like Laurie Good, who's fighting the bridge.

"It seems like the people who don't live in the immediate neighborhood think it's a great idea," Good said.

Good says Grapevine isn't New York City, but makes this analogy. "Maybe there's a reason they haven't put a bridge over Central Park in New York City. That would alleviate traffic up there. Why don't they? Because it's an oasis -- it's a treat for people, Good said.

The city council plans to take public comment on the bond package during a July 17 hearing at the convention center.

Doors open at 6 p.m. The meeting's set to start at 6:30 p.m.

Even if city leaders approve the bond item, voters will have the final say on the November 7 election.