What happens when your boyfriend can't make it to prom? You wear him on your outfit of course!

That's what one teen did and now she's trending online.

Virginia senior Austen McGowan knew she would have to go stag to the prom but she still wanted her boyfriend there. So, she designed a pair of shoes with a picture of her man on them.

McGowan had the customized Vans made weeks before the big night. She told Yahoo.com she didn't mind wearing flats with her sequin gown.

"My man is out chasing his dreams in Texas so he couldn't make it to prom so I had to make him a part of it somehow," McGowan tweeted.

By doing this, her boyfriend technically got to be in prom photos with her.

When you take a closer look at her shoes you see her boyfriend is flashing the Hook'Em Horns sign. That’s because he is a basketball player at UT Austin.

McGowan said her boyfriend loved it. She even added that unlike other girls, she'll be able to sport her prom shoes again. This time, at her boyfriend’s basketball games.