A mixture of ice cream and frozen soda seems innocent, but some people might take exception when that frozen drink is called a “queer” as it is in one South Texas town.

A Facebook post from Crystal City asks a simple question: Offensive? It's coupled with a picture for a frozen drink, beloved in Crystal City, known as a "queer."

"It's very popular,” said Cody Maldonado, the great grandson of the owner of the restaurant Dairy Kreme. "People come from all over to get them."

Dairy Kreme has been around since the 1950’s. The family restaurant is considered an institution in Crystal City. In the 60’s, the owners say that some high school boys, who were customers, made a request for a special drink.

"This one guy would always order, 'I want ice cream. Can you pour icee over it?'" recounts Maldonado. "Another student said, 'That's kind of queer.' So basically, the name kind of stuck. 'I'll have one of those queers.'"

People on the Facebook page "We are Crystal City" express overwhelming support for the name, with comments like:

"Every time I go visit Crystal City, I always look forward to getting a queer! It's just a name. [People] need to stop being [too] sensitive. This drink takes me back when I was a kid."


"This post offended me just by someone even thinking of changing the name."

"It's just a name that's been around forever," Maldonado said. "It's not meant to be offensive to anybody."

The owners admit out-of-towners are sometimes caught off guard by the name, but they don't have plans to change it.

"I think I would have half the town after me if I did that," Maldonado said.

For a town that been in the news lately for entrenched public corruption that resulted in an FBI raid, the owners of the Dairy Kreme hope they can bring a little happiness to their town, one frozen drink at a time.