FORT WORTH, Texas --For more than seven decades, Sammie's Bar-B-Q has been a can't miss stop on East Belknap Street.

That all changed when it abruptly locked the doors on Sunday.

The longtime barbeque stop for eastsiders is no longer operating, owner Bobby Platt confirmed to WFAA on Monday.

Platt wouldn't go into details about the decision, only saying it was an "emotional" time while insisting he hadn't sold the business or property.

Customer Belinda Norris grew up in the area. She said people started calling, emailing and circulating Facebook posts on Sunday.

"It was all over," she said. "Shocked would the word. There was no warning or indication we were going in that direction."

Norris says it's no secret that other restaurateurs have shown interest in the property over the years, but she said Platt was a proud owner that didn't sell out.

According to WFAA media partner the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the eatery opened in 1946 and for years was a drive-in with car hops, nickel beers and must-get pork ribs.

James Waller said when he moved to Fort Worth in 1980, Sammie's was the first spot he picked. Barbeque wasn't the only reason.

"Onion rings, it's all good. Cold beer. I think it was the third coldest beer in Tarrant County at one time," said Waller.

Platt said more information about what's next for the location could be available later this week.