EULESS, Texas – If a mother’s love is one of the strongest, then a mother’s worry is one of the most profound.

“It hits us hard,” said Deb Johnson. “Until you go through this, it’s just an unimaginable pain you have to face.”

Deb Johnson is talking about her daughter, Typhenie, who disappeared in October.

“She was full of life,” she gushed. “She smiled, and had this contagious, crazy laugh, with the deepest dimples. Just a very loving person.”

The 25-year-old went missing after talking to her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Revill outside her apartment in East Fort Rorth.

Revill was arrested the next day and charged in her kidnapping. In 2006, Revill was dating Taalibah Islam when she went missing. The two have a son together. Facts the Johnson family said they never knew.

Meanwhile he remains in custody, and Typhenie is still missing.

“It’s the absolute worst. It’s a nightmare for anyone who knows her,” Deb said. “This is the stuff you see on TV, it’s not something that is supposed to be happening to you.”

The mother of four traveled to Texas from her home in South Dakota to attend a court hearing regarding the case that was rescheduled for later this month. Ever since her Typhenie went missing, Deb has been trying to stay strong. Hoping and praying that her daughter will be found.

Adding to her grief is news of others who’ve gone missing like ZuZu Verk, the Keller woman who disappeared in an unrelated case right after Typhenie. Her remains were found recently.

“I prayed for (ZuZu). Prayed so hard it crushed me when I found out they had found her,” Deb said. “I was hoping so much for a better out-turn.”

No matter the outcome, Deb wants a call saying they found her Typhenie.

“If that’s the call we get, it’s gonna be heartbreaking,” she said. “It’s gonna be heartbreaking no matter what the call, but it’ll be closure.”

Closure the Johnson family wants desperately. With closure, comes peace.

“We all want her back,” she said. “We need to know where she is.”