Overnight Sunday, it appears that someone spray painted an expletive across Jo's Coffee's "I love you so much" wall on South Congress.

The backdrop of countless photos posted by both tourists and Austin residents, the wall is an iconic part of Austin.

Later in the morning, KHOU 11's sister station, KVUE, spotted someone painting over the graffiti:

Jo's Coffee told Perchick that they plan on having the original artist replace the "I love you so much" graffiti Tuesday.

"We have to make sure love prevails in this situation," a representative told Perchick.

The Quimbys took their engagement photos in front of the wall. Later when they had a daughter, the wall served as the backdrop for a family photo.

"I have so many wonderful memories here as well as a lot of other people from all over," Stefanie said. "Whoever did this is obviously sick and has no respect for what is beautiful."