You've heard the word 'Mopacalypse' if you’ve spent any time in Austin over the past few years.

The made-up word describes the frustration over a delayed project to add a toll lane in each direction on one of Austin’s busiest highways.

However, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel: according to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, the group in charge of the project, the toll lanes will likely be finished and open by the end of the year.

A spokesperson for the Mobility Authority tells KVUE that the northbound toll lane from Cesar Chavez to 2222 will likely be open later this summer with the southbound lane following a few months later.

"You're going to see a tremendous amount of progress in the next couple of months,” said spokesman Steve Pustelnyk.

The contractor in charge of the project, CH2M, is now subcontracting the remainder of the project to Connecticut-based Lane Construction.

Originally, CH2M planned on finishing the project by the end of 2015.

Now, the people in charge of the project have stopped giving a completion date entirely.

"As you know there's been a history of not meeting dates,” said Pustelnyk.

But Pustelnyk is confident that a bulk of the work, if not all the work, will be finished by the end of the year.

The Mobility Authority has already fined CH2M the maximum $20 million allowed in the contract for the delays.