SAN ANTONIO - After 126 years, organizers unveiled the first ever celebrity medal, immortalizing late Tejano superstar Emilio Navaira.

A long, but cheerful line gathered for hours on Saturday under drizzling skies for a first-of-its-kind announcement.

A Fiesta medal was dedicated to an Alamo-city legend.

“You're getting the last piece of Emilio here,” one fan said. “He means a lot to San Antonio.”

The San Antonio native was found dead in his New Braunfels home last May at the age of 53.

Today, his medal's uniquely "Emilio" design inspired a flood of pride and grief.

Both for fans and family.

“Still I can't forget him,” Emilio's mother Mary Navaira said. ‘His dad died before him, and he's probably saying, 'Dad, I'm still making it! Look at all the people who like me."

This is a chance for San Antonio fans to wear a little bit of Emilio close to their hearts. Proof, his family said, that San Antonio loves Emilio as much as he loved San Antonio.

“That is the most wonderful thing that has happened to us,” Navaira said.