One year after Gary Murray, a local film critic, was run over and killed in a crosswalk, the Dallas International Film Festival and his friends in cinema are remembering him this week.

“For 20 years, he was basically my brother,” said Don Ford, Murray’s friend. “His dad calls me son."

Ford waited seven months to get an appointment at Elm Street Tattoo in Deep Ellum. It’s Oliver Peck's place from the reality TV show Ink Master on Spike.

Ford wanted a palm tree and a parrot to remember Gary Murray who was a big fan of Jimmy Buffet.

"He was crossing the street on Mockingbird [Lane] and [Highway] 75 in the crosswalk with the walk signal," Ford said. "He had the right to walk and somebody didn’t stop, they didn't even see him or stop or care about him."

Dallas police have yet to find the driver responsible.

But when the festival returned to Dallas last week, organizers saved Murray a spot on the red carpet.

The city is working to make that part of Mockingbird Lane a little safer, as well. Concrete foundations are already poured for the pedestrian bridge which will open later this year. Officially, it connects the Katy Trail with trails up north. But after what happened to Murray, his friend Ford wants the city to do something else.

"Let's name that bridge after Gary. We need to name that bridge after Gary," Ford said.

"Memorial tattoos are a huge part of this business," Peck said. The palm tree and the parrot are now a huge part of Don's life.