SAN ANTONIO -- A woman took police work into her own hands and tried to crack the case herself after a thief made off with her wallet.

Now, this "D-I-Y detective" thinks she's uncovered evidence that could lead to an arrest.

She shared the series of events with KENS 5:

"I came out and didn't think anything since I didn't see any broken windows or anything on my truck," said the woman.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, finished a workout at the Gold's Gym off 1604 and Bulverde early Saturday morning before heading to the post office.

"Got to the post office and realized my wallet was gone," said the victim. "I also had a $20 bill sitting in there that was gone."

The woman says she hid her belongings inside the middle console; Her car was parked away from the entrance and isolated from other vehicles.

She believes the criminal got in through a back window, then locked up before leaving.

"My vehicle was locked," she said. "It's an older vehicle so it's not real hard to get into."

After filing a police report, the woman did some investigating on her own. She learned her credit card had been used twice since it was stolen.

"They did two charges. A $29 charge and five minutes later $33."

Her online credit card bill showed the purchases were made at a 7-Eleven off Highway 281 and Nakoma.

She contacted the manager, and he shared pictures of the person who made the transaction.

The woman put those pictures on Facebook, hoping someone would recognize the man on surveillance video.

Because investigators haven't confirmed the man is a suspect, KENS 5 is not showing his face.

Police did tell us there have been multiple burglaries and thefts in that same Gold's Gym parking lot in the last 10 months.

"Invest in a couple-dollar lock, take your stuff in and just lock it up while you're at the gym," advises the woman.

If you have any information on the man in the surveillance video, call the police.