Natasha Stewart and Regina Dortch went to Spa Castle in Carrollton for Natasha's birthday in June. The experience they say was far from joyful.

"We noticed there was feces in the water and on the wall and it was totally, 'OMG' I can't even describe the feeling of violation and disgusting,” said Stewart.

They were in the women's only area when they spotted the fecal matter and immediately got out of the spa.

"I just could not believe it. I was speechless. I just could not believe,” said Dortch.

The women say they demanded a refund but say an employee initially told them no.

"She said literally, 'Did the poop touch you?' That is what she said,” said Stewart.

The women say the employees did not drain or sanitize the pool, but only cleaned it with bleach. WFAA asked Carrollton code inspectors if that type of clean up is sufficient.

"I would expect them to close the unit out and thoroughly sanitize, and I don't think wiping the one area would be thoroughly sanitizing the area,” said Scott Hudson with Environmental Services.

Code inspection says they recently cited Spa Castle for not having enough chlorine in their pools and spas, but say the Spa is working to correct it.

The spa sent the following response:

“The safety and privacy of our clientele are always our top priorities. We look into any and all allegations made against our facility and will continue to ensure that our customers' well-being is of the utmost importance.”

There have been other complaints. In March of 2015 a woman complained to the Texas Attorney General that "the water was cloudy, scummy and in one pool, there was a band aid and in two other pools, there were tampons."

And on top of all that, the Carrollton Police Department says they are constantly responding to the club.
They've responded to nearly 500 calls for service in past two years.

"The majority of the calls are alcohol related. I would say disturbances, fights, verbal and otherwise and a lot of calls for there out there,” said Public Information Officer Jolene Devito Yarbrough.

Natasha and Regina have filed a complaint with the state and say they eventually got a partial refund, but they say they are never going back.