Will San Antonio get a disaster declaration to help with tornado damage? An answer is in the works and is expected shortly.

On Tuesday, federal and state inspectors were checking out the devastation in a number of San Antonio neighborhoods, going house to house talking to residents and seeing first-hand the seriousness of the situation.

Small Business Administration spokesman Rick Jenkins said

"We're looking at whether or not those properties have major damage," said Rick Jenkins, a Small Business Administration spokesman.

Jenkins explained that it’s a matter of numbers: If at least 25 structures across the area have damage levels of 40 percent or more, then it is possible to get a disaster declaration ruling.

"We look at what it's going to take to restore a home or a business back to its pre-disaster condition,” Jenkins said.

District 1 City Council Representative Roberto Trevino said that he has been happy with the response of all the different agencies that have helped with tornado recovery.

"We want to be very careful and methodical about how we move forward. We want to rebuild the neighborhood. We want to get it back on its feet and we want to do it thoughtfully," Trevino said.

More financial help possibly on the way is welcome news for those with no or not enough insurance. Adrian Venegas talked to the survey crew from the front yard of his rental home, which now has no roof.

"I didn't have renters insurance. I was renting, so that's good news for me," Venegas said.

An S.B.A. spokesman said that he expects the survey work to be done in a day or two. And, if the numbers are right, a disaster declaration and aid could come quickly.