A deputy in San Antonio has been arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and illegal bartering.

Deputy Rita Alvarez, an 11-year veteran, is accused of conspiring with a male inmate named Cristobal Perez to collect drug debts for him, according to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

Cristobal Perez, BCSO

When questioned on whether rumors of Alvarez or Perez having ties to a the Mexican Mafia were true, officials said they wouldn't be surprised.

"We wouldn't rule anything out at this point," said Javier Salazar, Bexar County Sheriff.

When questioned if other officers were involved in the crimes, Salazar, replied again that he wouldn't rule anything out.

Sheriff Salazar said there were at least four arrests made in the incident. He also said that the inmate will be facing new charges.

Alvarez has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, Sheriff Salazar said.

"At this point, she is no longer going to be welcomed into this facility."