David's Law was passed by the Senate Committee on State Affairs with a unanimous vote on Friday, according to a press release from the office of Senator José Menéndez.

Senate Bill 179, also referenced as David's Law or the bullying bill, was filed in November of 2016 by Senator Menéndez and State Representative of District 124 Ina Minjarez.

The bill was designed to combat cyberbullying in honor of San Antonio teen David Molak.

The bill will now head to the full senate to be voted on at a later date.

According to Senator Menéndez's office, a bill passing out of committee is a crucial first step in the legislative process.

Jose Menéndez is the Texas State Senator for District 26 which serves part of the San Antonio area.

Senator Menéndez released this statement:

"Yesterday was an important day for Texas students and victims of cyberbullying. Members of the State Affairs Committee made a thoughtful decision after hearing emotional testimony from families who lost a child. I want to thank the Senators of that committee for helping us advance this cause. David's Law is an important bill that prevents and combats cyberbullying. It focuses on measures that deter egregious behavior and offers consequences when the bully crosses a line. The Texas Legislature must stand up to bullies and pass Senate Bill 179."