DALLAS -- After the death of University Park Fire Capt. Bob Poynter, officers arrested his second wife, Chacey Poynter for conspiring to kill him.

She told investigators he was abusive, but his daughters say nothing could be further from the truth.

In the eyes of his daughters, Bob Poynter seemed invincible.

"He would do anything he could for us," said Natalie, who was born 18 years ago. That was the same year Poynter joined University Park Fire. Nicole is the oldest, at 21. They say as kids, they knew their dad had a dangerous job.

"In a way he’s your superhero," said Natalie. "So you always thought, he’s going to come back."

Then one day, he didn’t, And no fire was to blame. The night of Sept. 9, 2016 Poynter was found shot to death on a farm road outside Royce City.

"I mean, that was my first reaction. Literally, what came out of my mouth was ‘What did she do?’ said Natalie.

"At first you can’t even wrap your head around it or fathom it," said Nicole. "Then after you realize it’s not changing, that it’s a very serious thing, we just worked on handling it the best we could."

Poynter also left with them his love for the family business. Natalie wants to be a firefighter, and Nicole is studying nursing. That may have been Poynter’s greatest superpower, raising daughters who wanted to be just like him.

"He was a good man," said Natalie.

"...and he had a big heart." said Nicole.

Both Chasey Poynter and Michael Garza remain in the Hunt County Jail.

He for murder on a $1 million bond. She, on $500,000 for conspiring to kill her husband.