DALLAS -- 2017 brought thousands of bikes for rent to Dallas. 2018 could be the year when the city puts some rules and regulations on paper for the bike-sharing companies.

No fewer than four bike-sharing businesses have brought bikes to nearly every corner of the heart of Dallas, and its changed the way many people get around the central corridor.

But for others, the growing number of bikes are seen as litter. Sometimes they’re treated as such, ending up knocked over, tucked in brush, or tossed in the Trinity River.

"We don’t want to dismiss those complaints, and we will be dealing with them," said Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston.

He says that the city is listening.

"What the Council told city staff to do is to get nine months of data," said Kingston. "We need to understand what we’re dealing with before we issue regulations."

The councilman says next spring, Dallas could decide to create some rules for bike sharing companies. It’s an idea the cities of Seattle and San Francisco started playing with this summer.

Both cities’ Transportation Agencies require permits, which include rules about how and where bikes should be parked. Namely, upright and out of the way of everyday foot traffic. At the end of nine months, the City of Dallas may decide it wants something similar.

"We wanted to make sure that the businesses were going to be successful before we go in and put in common sense regulations that can address some of the quality of life issues," said Kingston.

Come spring, city council, critics and riders will weigh how to best to keep bikes on the road.