DALLAS -- Every year the Mayor of Dallas is asked to place a wreath at the police memorial wall to honor fallen officers. This year, many officers didn't want Mayor Mike Rawlings at the ceremony.

"We don't feel like he has our best interest at heart," Walton said. 

President of the Fraternal Order of Police Michael Walton sent Mayor Rawlings a letter, asking him not to attend the ceremony.

"Mr. Rawlings the rhetoric that you have displayed over the past several years towards police has hit an all-time high," Walton said. 

Dallas police and fire fighters are at odds with the mayor over their pension. Dallas police and firefighters want the city and taxpayers to help bail out a failing pension fund that is billions of dollars in debt. 

"The feelings are there. We are hoping that he takes heed and does not show up, because I think there is going to be a lot of hard feelings towards him," Walton said. 

Rawlings said taxpayers should have more control over the new pension. He told WFAA last week that he's upset about how's being portrayed.

"I am indignant on the methodologies that the union bosses have been using against anybody that even speaks up for taxpayers, that they don't like police and fire, that they don't care about our first responders.That needs to stop," Rawlings said. 

FOP says the mayor would be a distraction and take away from a ceremony meant to honor those who paid the ultimate price for their city.