SAN ANTONIO - The debate goes on as the City of San Antonio negotiates details of the $100 million deal to put a new operator in charge of the River Walk barges.

This comes after Buena Vista Barges questioned whether the new barge operator, Go Rio San Antonio, should have been certified as a local, minority owned business.

The interim director of The South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency, Charles Johnson, told KENS 5 he chose to uphold the certification for Go Rio.

Buena Vista Barges is appealing that decision. An appeals committee at The South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency will review it and either uphold the certification or overturn it.

For now, nothing changes with the city’s 10 year, $100 million dollar contract with Go Rio.

Should the certification be overturned, it could mean the city could have to cut-off contract negotiations with Go Rio, owned by Hope Andrade, Lisa Wong and Landry’s, and start the bidding process over for a third time.

Go Rio is set to take over the new River Walk barges on Oct. 1.