ANNA, Texas -- Jim Luscombe is fighting to save the fence post in front of his property in Anna.

He says that fence post was driven into the ground by his great-grandfather.

The Luscombes are a family of pecan growers with four houses just yards apart.

"There's 500 trees in this orchard," Luscombe said. "I dug every hole and I planted every tree."

The city needs their land to put in a water line to maintain growth. Officials say the water line is essential to tying two lines together to help provide water to the Pecan Crossing development in the event of an emergency.

On Tuesday night, the council, with a 4-3 vote, agreed to enter into negotiations with the family over legally acquiring a 20-foot easement. The council also stipulated that if negotiations were not fruitful that the city would entertain eminent domain procedures.

During the public discussion, the council mostly fought off rumors that the decision was about widening Foster by crossing and eliminating the tree line along it.

Anna's mayor, Mike Crist, emphasized that Tuesday's meeting was purely about putting in a water line and procuring the easement.

It's hard not to notice the dichotomy here. The stakes in the ground put up by engineers and the age-old fence post that Jim's trying to keep.

"We're trying to preserve what you're feeling about this," said Luscombe, who says the fight to maintain his land isn't over.