MCKINNEY, Texas -- Many more will head to their polls Tuesday, especially in Collin County where history's being made with every ballot.

"The kind of voter interest we've seen in this election is second to none," said Bruce Sherbet, who's the Collin County elections administrator.

He says nearly 301,000 people early voted in the county this time around. That equates to 56 percent of registered voters in the county.That makes Collin tops in the state of Texas for percentage turnout.

"There's a lot of people voting against the candidate than voting for a candidate," said Victoria Le Fevre, who's a student at Collin College.

Monday, News 8 took its cameras to Collin College and talked with students who just got out of a political science class. The students told News 8 that this election cycle has been a memorable one.

Sherbet says people first thought no one would vote because the election was so divisive. It turns out it has had an opposite effect.

"We could end this election with a 73 percent turnout of registered voters," Sherbet said.

He says that numbers are staggering. By the end of Tuesday, he estimates that 400,000 people will have voted. That equates to three out of four registered people.

Lacey Norman, another Collin College student, thinks social media may have played a role.

"Whether it's wrong or right, they're more in tuned into people's opinions and they're hearing a lot more feedback," Norman said.

Sherbet says Collin County is poised to break records in early voting as well as mail-in ballots this election cycle.