COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Nearly a day after President-Elect Donald Trump's victory in the race for the White House, daily prayers took place at the Islamic Community Center.

"For some reason, Trump's message of 'making America great again,' quote-unquote, really resonated with millions and tens of millions of people," said Nafe Alsawfta, who worships at the center.

The past few months have been challenging for those at the Islamic Community Center. New windows and security cameras were installed after someone fired gunshots at the building over the summer. Others were hurt by Trump's earlier words about Muslims.

But now his campaign is over.

"I was in disbelief when it happened," said Nimrah Riaz, who spends time at the center. "I was not aware that my fellow citizens would vote for someone who demeans my human value."

Riaz is from College Station and says America is the only home she knows.

As for Alsawfta, he was also born in the United States and says the election enhanced negative stereotypes about Islam.

But he's not living in fear.

"The country is based off of a constitution. It has a legal system," he said.

He also sees the upcoming presidential term as an opportunity.

"The Muslim community needs to unite," he said. "They need to come together to counter this misinformation and to educate people about what Islam really stands for," he said.

Alsawfta also wants to see America succeed.

"My family, my parents are hard working," he said. "They want to support my siblings. My brother, who actually is a Muslim, enlisted in the armed forces and swore an oath to defend and protect our country."

Riaz told us the answer is love.

"I love this country and I just need that country to love me back just as much as I love it," she said.