COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - David Fedder searches for things, although getting into the hobby wasn't always the easiest.

"It took me forever to dig up a pull tab so then I threw it in the closet and then a couple of years later, I pulled it back out and got curious," Fedder said.

The College Station resident has found all sorts of odds and ends while exploring with his metal detector, including five rings.

"I dug up a gold ring and that was pretty much it for me," Fedder said.

Fedder found his first two rings while living in North Carolina, and has found three more since moving to the Brazos Valley, including an Aggie ring a few years ago.

But it was his latest find, a Beaumont Central High School ring, that sent him on a mission.

"It was right by the basketball court at Fitch Park in College Station," Fedder said. "It was maybe three inches deep and I had tried to find the owner, but really hit a roadblock."

After doing a different kind of digging, the owner was found - a 1998 graduate of Texas A&M, who lost the right while he was at school in 1995.

"He was very glad he was getting it back and said he couldn't believe it hand't been run over by a lawn mower or something," Fedder said.

Its just not rings, though. Fedder recently unearthed a Fish Drill Team medallion near Military Walk on A&M's campus, a piece he hopes to give back to the Corps. He doesn't do it for the money.

"The reward is just finding the ring," Fedder said.