AUSTIN, Texas -- The man chosen to be a fixer-upper of sorts for the Austin Police Department's problem-ridden crime lab has his job in limbo after academic blemishes were discovered on his college transcripts.

During the fall of 2016, Austin police were on a mission to get the DNA crime lab back on track following a stint with the number of DNA tests that were incomplete.

The Department hired a new chief of forensics from Arizona, Scott Milne, whose resume showed he had managed crime labs across the country from Colorado to Kentucky. They also decided to compensate him $111,000 for his help.

In spite of that, Milne had only been on the job for a few weeks before APD discovered his college transcript from a school in Kentucky wasn't up to par. According to police officials, Milne received F's in classes like Analytics Methods in Forensic Science and D's in classes like Forensic Microscopic Analysis, all crucial classes related to his career.

At one point, police said they learned the Arizona native withdrew himself from a school because of his grade status.

Austin Interim Police Chief Brian Manley said the Department was given Milne's transcript along with the application, but the transcript went unnoticed until December.

“The vetting process only looked at the fact that he had a degree," said Manley. "The hiring board did not review the backup material, but only confirmed that he had a degree."

While the city attempts to find another job for him, Milne is on paid administrative leave back in his Arizona home.

After the Department learned of Milne's grades, they closed the DNA lab, and have no plans to reopen it.