Child service organizations rallied on the steps of the Texas Capitol on Tuesday to tackle ways they can help state funding for families in need.

Dozens of foster families, advocates and state representatives took to the podium to discuss major changes in the child care system.

Some of the goals include pushing for improved services for foster children, focus on recruiting caretakers and investing in programs for the prevention of child abuse such as nurse-family partnerships.

“How to parent, how to be a mom, how to breast-feed, how to take care of a kid, how to deal with a kid when a child won't stop crying,” said state Rep. Gene Wu (D-Houston). “Offer them some relief, make sure they get pre-natal vitamins, make sure they get all these things--if a person doesn't have any support that they wouldn't know to ask for--that they wouldn't know to get. Those programs prevent kids even getting into the CPS system.”

Organizers of the rally said children's safety will be a priority moving forward as new budgets and agendas are created.