One Chicago city planner said he doesn’t want his city’s River Walk to end up like San Antonio’s, labeling our's “cheap and crappy-looking,”

A story done by Loop North News, recalls city council member Brendan Reilley’s rhetoric on improvement redesigns for the Chicago River Walk at a resident’s organization meeting in April.

Reilly complained Chi-Town’s River Walk has already become an “ad hoc” and “god-awful looking patchwork of aesthetic,”

He went on to say he wouldn’t let Chicago end up like San Antonio.

“What we don’t want to do is see it turned into a San Antonio River Walk, which is cheap and crappy-looking,” Reilly said. “We do have that condition on the east end of the River Walk...because, frankly, the city is not sure what to do with that open space yet.”

Construction for the Chicago River Walk started in 2001. In 2016 it underwent its first renovation with a 9-block expansion. The city is currently closing in a redesign plan.