WIMBERLEY, Texas -- Chef Jay Bachman has given up his time, skills and catering business to make sure people in Wimberley have something to eat.

When the Wimberley Memorial Day flooding happened, Bachman was out of town at a wedding with his catering company Chef Jay Events. The wedding was almost cancelled because of the heavy rain, but in the end Bachman performed the ceremony and provided the food for the handful of guests who could make it.

"The cake didn't show up, so they cut a brisket," Bachman said laughing.

Things turned serious when his wife Jennifer, a Wimberley High School coach, called him to tell him the roads in Wimberley were flooded and she was helping open a shelter at the school.

"Started opening classroom doors for families that just needed a quiet place to be with their babies," Jennifer said.

Jay arrived by 3 a.m. and fed the evacuees the food leftover from the wedding.

"I just happened to have a bunch of food from a wedding that didn't happen, so we served that and let people get a little bit of comfort food," he said.

Since that night, Bachman has been outside the school preparing three meals a day. Initially, they used their own money to pay for the food, even using money meant for the mortgage.

"We haven't thought much about paying the bills this month," Jay said.

Several family members and friends donated money to help pay for food as well.

Inside the school gym, Jennifer has been part of a team organizing and collecting supplies from private and corporate donors.

When she first opened the shelter, Jennifer and a handful of women brought whatever they could from home to give people dry clothes. Now, their group has a gymnasium and warehouse full of clothing, toiletries, mattresses, food, water, cleaning supplies and furniture.

From clothing to cleanliness, the Bachmans are helping make sure people are safe. That includes food safety, Bachman said.

"We've been wrapping sandwiches and things loosely in foil because we don't want people digging their fingernails in to get it," Jay said.

After nearly three weeks of cooking, Bachman is ready to return to his catering business. For now, however, his family and the community continue to empty their pockets to keep flood survivor's stomachs full.

Go here to donate to the organization that is helping pay for food.