CELINA, Texas -- The students and staff at Celina High School have been working on their Veteran's Day celebration for 6 months.

Students and teachers passed out flyers at local VFWs, town halls and coffee shops, inviting any veterans interested to join them November 10 for a "thank you" celebration.

Last year 10 to 15 came, this year that number exploded. School officials say around 150 veterans took them up on the offer.

"It's just amazing to see the looks on their faces," said Kylee Terry, a Junior at Celina High.

Veterans say they were blown away as well, many were moved to tears during the hour long program which included speeches, songs and a folding of the flag.

Army Infantry veteran Eugene Francis says he left the program feeling better about life.

"There are no words. As the program went on I felt better and better. I felt warm inside," Francis said.

Several World War II veterans also attended. Louis Yarborough's grandson Sam Snyder attends Celina and helped organize Thursday's event.

"I am just so proud of the young man he is. I'm blessed," Yarborough said.

School officials say this is a tradition they hope to carry on. Their goal is to create a bond between students and the men and women who served their country now and decades ago.