Call it a fairytale come true.

Forty teenage girls, all in the foster care system, got a day of extreme pampering from the Child Advocates of San Antonio.

They’re given everything they need for the biggest day of their teenage careers.

CASA provides them with everything from prom dresses, high-heels, and handbags to hair care, makeup, and even a little bling.

"This is the highlight of our year, working hand in hand with the kids we serve. It started out as a clothing event but now it's evolved to we provide makeup. We provide hair, and all the services are done by volunteers that donate their time." CASA member Yolanda Valenzuela said.

Volunteers said they get more out of it than they give.

"I've been able to look back at the blessings I've had in my life and be able to share that with them and I've gotten a lot more out of that and I'm thankful for that and I look forward to future opportunities as well." Volunteer Michele Mitchell said.

If you'd like to be a CASA volunteer, sign up here for the next training class, which begins in May.