An anonymous group of Good Samaritans is being called heroes after lifting a car up to rescue a family trapped inside.

Dramatic video posted by an eyewitness shows a group of men lifting the car up from a grassy median, as bystanders scream. According to the eyewitness, all the family members inside were able to escape the vehicle, including a mother, father, three children and a grandmother.

The witness said she shared the video to recognize the heroic actions of the bystanders, and Arlington Police said their actions were worth commending.

"There were about six people in that minivan, so several peoples' lives were at risk, and people stepped up to help rescue them," said Sgt. VaNessa Harrison with Arlington Police.

Arlington police say the overturned minivan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just after 7 p.m. Tuesday, two vehicles racing dangerously on I-20 eastbound last night caused a chain collision involving three vehicles, one of which was the overturned minivan.

Police say all six passengers in the minivan were able to escape and were not transported to the hospital, though a passenger in another vehicle was transported to the hospital.

Arlington police arrested one suspect, Demetria Pryor of Fort Worth, who is charged with driving while intoxicated. Records show she was wearing an alcohol monitoring device at one point, but it was removed by court order in January 2016.

Arlington Police have recently stepped up enforcement on the stretch of I-20 where the accident happened. Last week alone, 143 citations were issued. The area is a hotbed for dangerous driving.

In this case, they are grateful the outcome wasn't worse, thanks to the help of bystanders.

"That's very unusual," said Sgt. VaNessa Harrison. "If they had just waited for police and EMS to arrive, there wouldn't have been anything wrong with that, but they decided, I have a role that I could play, and I'm going to do it."