PLANO, Texas – An apartment fire has police looking into arson and attempted murder charges.

According to court documents obtained by WFAA, investigators believe the mother of a five-year-old intentionally set fire to the apartment at Preston Creek Apartments on Preston Road. Fire investigators determined the fire was started in multiple places throughout the apartment.

The mother, Santhiya Lakshmigari, sustained severe burns and died at a local hospital.

Court documents indicate the child, who is now in the hospital, had his throat slashed and a skull fracture. The boy was found in the kitchen in a pool of blood, according to a firefighter at the scene.

Officials are investigating who injured the child. A knife was found at the scene.

A neighbor, who believed Lakshmigari had a mental illness issue, reported hearing her talking to herself and screaming at herself.

"It was into the investigation that we were made notification that there could be some suspicious circumstances related to this fire," said David Tilley with Plano Police.

"He is in critical condition. We're hopeful we will recover but again that's still being looked into," Tilley said in the early afternoon on Wednesday.

"She would be standing out here talking and I was thinking she was talking on the phone but I think she was talking to herself," said Shirelle Chapman, a neighbor. Chapman said she would always see the child riding his bike with his father. She said she last saw them on Sunday and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The police department says it is their policy to see through to the investigation even if the accused has died.