WACO, Texas -- The Baylor Board of Regents and the Baylor Leadership Reform (BLR) organization are at odds over how to best provide greater accountability and transparency between the two groups.

Just prior to the town hall meeting being held by the Baylor Line Foundation tomorrow, BLR is announcing that the 27-page-document released by the Regents back on Jan. 16 is not a sufficient enough proposal.

The proposal by the Board of Regents would include a Board website to inform constituents of matters on the Board calendar and agendas. It would also provide summaries of Board meetings.

The document also proposes other organizations would join with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) Regents to vote the regents, but their election is still up to the sitting Regent Board, and not the constituent organizations. The full proposal can be found here.

BLR says these are steps in the right direction but the change has not gone far enough.

“They’re baby steps, not real reform. And transparency and accountability are missing,” BLR President John Eddie Williams said.

Some items BLR still has concerns with are the secrecy of meetings, still existent gag rules, and the lack of a clear revelation of all the facts and details of the sexual assault crisis investigation.

The town hall meeting will be held Feb. 15 at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. The Baylor Board of Regents has formally declined the invitation to attend.