CIBOLO, Texas -- Six babies are recovering from their injuries Monday after an elderly woman drove her SUV through the front of a daycare center.

The crash happened Friday at the Choo Choo Xpress located in the 700 block of Schneider.

Police said a 72-year-old woman drove her SUV 20 ft. through the building. Police said she accidentally stepped on her accelerator instead of the brakes. The elderly woman will most likely not face charges.

"She was transported to [a local] hospital because she had high blood pressure issues. At this point in the investigation, we don't know if that was occurring before the accident, or if that was the result of the accident that she was upset," said Lt. Chris Kotzur of the Cibolo police department.

Out of the 40 babies inside the daycare at the time, six of them were injured. The babies were between the ages of 5-20 months old. Most of them suffered scratches and bruises.

However, one boy named Shane Miller wasn't so fortunate. The 11-month-old is the nephew of the daycare center's owner, Mayra Olguin. She said Shane has seven broken ribs, a lacerated liver and a collapsed lung.

Despite his severe injuries, she said he's been showing signs of improvement. Shane was released from the hospital on Monday.

"He is sitting up, crawling and trying to pull up. [He has] seven broken ribs on the right hand side," said Olguin.

The community has stepped up to help. People have donated toys, child seats and other items for the center.

One parent has set up an online fundraising account.

"I really don't have much to say except 'thank you' because they're helping my children. I consider them my children," said Olguin.

If you would like to help, you can donate to this Wells Fargo account: 6299106903, or click here.